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Tips for sitting at a desk right

Sitting at a Desk: Help Sheet

Ergonomics is the study of products and postures that help the human body to promote productivity and health. You may have heard this term used often in the workplace, because people who sit for 8 hours a day are especially prone to injury from unhealthy postures. As well as being prone to eye strain and […]

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Book review

Book Review – Ikigai

I decided to write this blog after reading a brilliant book called Ikigai by Hector Garcias and Francesc Miralles. Ikigai is the Japanese word for ‘a reason to live’ and the book makes it clear that if you find your Ikigai you live a longer and happier life. It also looks at the other aspects […]

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Buying a bed

Mind Your Posture: Buying a bed

Chiropractors are often asked for advice on the selection of beds and mattresses and, in truth, there is no one solution that suits all.Choosing the right bed can minimise those factors that may lead to, or aggravate back pain. Research by the British Chiropractic Association in 2011 showed that of those experiencing back pain, 41% […]

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sciatica - treatments from Lido Chiro Clinic


What is sciatica? The term sciatica describes a set of symptoms which result from the sciatic nerve being irritated by an underlying condition, it is not a diagnosis in itself. With sciatica the pain travels along the path of the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve begins from […]

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Fascia - treatment from Lido Chiro Clinic


Fascia is connective tissue that is found throughout the body that attaches, stabilises, separates and encloses muscles and organs. Science has proven it to be one colleganous net (like a spider wed throughout tissue) which has transitional layers between individual internal parts found from head to toe. Fascia is mostly made up of collagen that […]

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Aging and Movement

Aging and Movement

Do you suffer with aches and pains? Aging is the process of getting older and is a natural part of life. When we think about aging, we need to consider not just physical factors but psychological and social changes too. Over the years we face a lot of stressors, especially physically and our bodies adapt […]

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Lido Chiro Clinic Jersey sleep and back pain tips

Sleep and Back Pain

Recently there has been much reported on sleep, health and wellbeing. Research has shown that poor sleep is not just a result of pain but also a cause of persistent pain in otherwise healthy adults. Meaning there is a reciprocal and interdependent relationship between pain and sleep. Sleep is an essential part of life, like […]

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Lido Chiro Clinic Jersey - back pain

Simple Tips to Help Avoid Back Pain

We can sometimes overlook the simple ways in which we can help ourselves avoid pain associated with injury to muscles, tendons, discs and joints. Pain from these sources can start quickly if you fall or lift something too heavy, or it can slowly get worse. It might be hard to avoid pain altogether but there […]

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Duvet Day - Lido Chiro Clinic health tips

Are you in need of a duvet day?

Being active is a key ingredient to keeping your body and mind healthy. However, if for one day you feel like doing nothing it’s important to recognise you might need that break and be kind to yourself. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and find the thought of getting out of your warm, cosy […]

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Lido Chiro Clinic health tips - dance

“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.” – Paulo Coelho

We all might enjoy a dance at the Christmas party but why not indulge more often? Studies now show that it can help our mood and memory, alongside helping us to lose weight, make friends and even more. So why aren’t more of us doing it?  Read below for 7 great reasons to keep on […]

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Healthy Morning Routine

Good Morning

Healthy Morning Routine Set a time to wake up Drink a large glass of water Nourish your body Stretch  Avoid social media and emails  Put ten minutes aside for mindfulness  Write a list of things to do Plan something fun!  Good Morning!

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