Neck Pain

Most of us will experience neck pain at some point. The adult head weights between ten and fourteen pounds, and it is the neck’s job to support it during the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The neck also contains the nerves which extend from your brain into your body, like a bundle of fibre-optic cables. Given the activities we all take part in regularly (driving, computer work and TV watching, for example) is it any surprise that our necks can use the occasional chiropractic adjustment to keep functioning optimally?

Neck pain is sometimes related to long-standing postural problems, or incorrect positioning of the head. For example –
Extending the weight of your head beyond your body as you lean over a desk
Lifting babies and children awkwardly
Carrying shopping bags or golf clubs incorrectly
Wear and tear caused by manual work

The result is a decline in correct movement in your neck joints, which interferes with the way that the nerves that run through it work. This leads to severe pain, which might take days, weeks or even months to develop.

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